Nine hours.


In the little darkness of night, sometimes we grow up, not chronologically, but mentally  …

In just nine hours with eyes shut tight; with our faces covered with blankets, and hearing the ticking sound of seconds …as an old clock always placed or hanged nearby….

and in every millisecond our mind acts as traveler…

visits and checks out the corridors of our lives …sometimes  walls are webbed, sometimes enchanted ,sometimes full of portraits of known and unknown faces, and with all the embellishments sometimes a  seductive serpent comes out , and  there is always a mirror at the end of the hallway and  we saw ourselves with a smirk on our faces hallucinating laurels on our heads … then we start to fall asleep and  in our sweet slumber ; the sky starts to echo loudly,  like a recurring sound  ….

Prayer is better than sleep ! Prayer is better than sleep !

And then dawn breaks ….

Prayer Is Better Than Sleep


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  1. aneeka says:

    thank you so much for appreciation


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