Gatsby not so great

Whenever you feel like criticizing any one,” he told me, “just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.  … (Fitzgerald)

When God created man he made him ultimate entity; supreme and powerful..But one thing which makes him different the most is his mighty lonely heart… Heart is a quite fucking cryptic creation which is associated not only with pumping but also with storing of memories and decision-making process. Indeed heart generally functions as a joint secretary with brain to take decision…Decisions that changes our lives in good way or wrong way. It’s just the matter of judgment how one executes and interprets the intuition.

Gatsby, the great … an immortal character who is only the one and everyone at the same time..Gatsby, a name of man of great grandeur, depiction of beauty, pride, materialism, honor, wine and women, luxury, lost love and greatness.  He was like a magician; , he was worshiped, and celebrated. He has been depicted as a god like figure… alone and rich. He was always surrounded by the crowd, music, wine and women something which one can only dream of…

He loved the lost soul Daisy as a platonic lover but didn’t get the deserving love back… Sometimes being betrayed is the part of destiny and one can’t complain about it… It’s like a painful joy in life …

In reality, we all are Gatsby in our own spheres and domains …Only the intensity varies. . Gatsby is a phase, a state of mind, a lifestyle, an aura that prevails with us in different parts of life.  Being materialistic is not the choice; it’s a need of time; being well dressed only covers the invisible scars of past from our flesh … being proud, distant and haughty is the standard to make people envy and seek attention of coward crowd….. The bitter part is that we all want to be lost in deafening sound of futile celebration to cover our hollowness and emptiness of heart…

In reality every Gatsby is not great because greatness is not the quality of high order species… it’s a quality possessed by the creator and not the creation..



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  1. Ayesha says:

    A thought provoking!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aneeka says:

      thanks 🙂


  2. X says:

    I’m not commenting on his character but everything that he did was for Daisy, You cannot deny the fact that the love Gatsby possessed was so intense and the bond that he had with her was the reason he achieved all that. To be great you need efforts and a reason, for him it was her. Everything that he did was because of her. I don’t think so that any character portrayed for love is far more greater than him because he did what ever he could to get her which was his greatness but it was Daisy who turned her back on him.

    The only mistake that he did was that he was trying to repeat the past.

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    1. aneeka says:

      Really appreciate your opinion and you are right the only mistake was that he was trying to repeat the past. The character of Gatsby is used as an analogy here 🙂


    2. aneeka says:

      Totally second your opinion


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